Putting the Ghost Sheet through it's paces.


Another one of the projects I'm working to get out to the Ghost community is the original idea, the Ghost Sheet.

This is a sheet of hardwood that is raised off of the grill with (4) aluminum standoffs. It's an elegant solution to hiding the original grill while adding clean platform to the top of your Ghost S1.

I have plans to release this as soon as this week, as I know there is a lot of interest for something like this in the community. The only hold is that I wanted to make sure the thermals for the case wasn't affected. 

There was definitely concerns that putting a sheet of wood over the grill would restrict airflow and raise temps within the case. So far, in my testings, that hasn't been the case (pun intended?).

With my computer (specs below) running around 40-50% load, my temps are steadily hovering around 45°-50° and around 70° at 75% load. This is a win in my book. 


My Computer Setup
  • Ryzen 3600 (not OCed)
  • Noctua L12s
  • ASUS ROG Strix 450-i
  • Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3600
  • Corsair SF600
  • Nvidia 2070 Super FE


I have more ideas for the Ghost Sheet, although those plans wouldn't be in the first iteration. One of those being adding NFC charging to the platform. I'm still working through which NFC board to use, how to attach, etc. but it's seems to be very doable and a worth while addition.

Stay tuned over the next week for the Ghost Sheet to be added to the shop. 


  • I actually did something very similar to this recently to my Ghost with a piece of scrap Walnut I’ve had around, with a Qi charger mounted. I’ve had good luck on other projects with the 3 coil wireless chargers that you can pick up on Amazon or elsewhere. Here’s a crappy shot of it mounted on mine:


    As a side note – I’ve also got my mounted via magnets in the corners. Seems to hold pretty well, and makes it a nice, completely flat top. And I also haven’t had any issues with increased heat – fingers crossed it stays that way.

  • NFC charging and a USB C port would be WILD. Keeping an eye on this…


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