Ghost Grills are launched!

Ghost Sheets started as a COVID-19 quarantine side project, but quickly grew to something more.

I decided to build a Louqe Ghost S1 during my stay at home. I previously had a full size computer, the latest being a NZXT H510i. But being a designer with an eye for aesthetics, the Ghost S1 caught my fancy. 

On a whim, I took my computer apart and parted out most of the components that wouldn't work with a SFFPC. I did my research and placed my orders.

Once I received all of the parts, I assembled the computer in record time. The Ghost S1 was beautiful. So clean, with minimal lines and no extra bits. It's how computers should be. I just felt it was missing something. A touch of refinement.

I have always been partial to wood and metal, especially walnut & black. With the design of the Louqe Ghost S1 being so minimalist, it was just screaming to have a natural element added to it.

Luckily, my wife runs a leather shop and we have a laser cutter to do rapid prototyping, so I had all of the tools at my disposal to throw together my idea.

After a few weeks of iterations, multiple ruined sheets of walnut, plexy and draft board, our redesigned grill was born, the Ghost Grill

So far, the reaction from the SFFPC community has blown away my expectations. Such a positive reaction and a ton of support. I want to thank r/SFFPC for a great launch of the Ghost Grill and for giving me the ability to push forward on more designs and case options. Stay tuned for more!

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  • Hey,
    I like your idea and its a great luck for me that i found you.
    My question do you ship internationally?


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